First I’d like to start with the definition of synergy, because I didn’t know this word before this lesson and its essential:

the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

I believe the lesson from this series of lectures is one of the most important for any leader hoping to build a successful team (in any project or organization I’d argue).

The lesson is the following (from the perspective of a leader):

If you as a leader you work to fufill your teammates teams then they will give their best back to you, the organization and projects.

However, using this idea for everyone involved in the team will improve the team dynamics.

But why does it work? I believe it’s because it uses positive reinforcement. I will make a longer post about this at a future time but its much easier to sustain long term behaviour with positive reward loops than negative ones. It takes advantage of people’s individual intrinsic motivation. It also bonds and unites the team by having everyone care about each other. It also raises awareness of others dreams to unite in a common vision. Last but not least, but by offering the best you attract the best.

This last point is a point I really enjoyed and want to expand on:

Offer the best and you will attract the best.

by offering to work in a synergetic team, you actually encourage everyone to be their best self. By being their best self you are fostering an environment where everyone can be the best version of themselves and thus create a great team. As a leader you are offering the best by considering your team’s dreams, what is better than that?

This last point is also subtle but if you are a team leader that offers to work in the best team, naturally the best will be attracted to work with you. The best examples I know is how the US is “A city upon a hill”. It is not a coincidence that the US is a model nation in technology, science, sports, politics and many other areas. Another great example is Google and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Everyone wants to go to the best school, get the best education or go to the best job, have meaningful projects and get paid well. By offering the best opportunities the US, MIT and Google have fostered a culture that attracts the best.

These are my favorite ideas that I learned from the lessons from professor Lui Sha’s lecture on synergetic teams. I have to say that its obvious professor Sha believes on this principle and it has enriched his career. Not only by looking at what he has achieved but he has an ability to transmit this feeling just from his eyes. Its inspiring!

Great class, comment in the discussion section and lets learn together!