Performance psychology

I’m very interested in being the best version of myself in the most essential aspects of my life. Thus, over the years I’ve spent a lot of times reading about performance psychology and (seemingly unrelated) areas that make me better (in my professionally and personal life).

The most influential things I’ve pursued in this area are the following:

  1. During my journey to learn how to cope with stress I was forunate enough to have found a wonderful therapeutic programs for anxiety developed by the neuroscientist and addiction psychitrist Dr Judson Brewer. This is the link to his program: Unwinding Anxiety. I was lucky to find this during my time at MIT’s CBMM since he is an adjoint professor at MIT’s Brain and Cognitive Science (BCS) department.

  2. I’ve been strongly influenced by Professor Cal Newport’s philosophy of living a deep focused life. I’ve read most of his books and taken his courses with Scott Young. I am, of course, an avid listener of his podact.

  3. I also love Dr. Andrew Huberman’s podcast on science (and neuroscience!) based protocols for health, wellness, and performance.