Dancing is an activity I love dearly. It’s one of my favorite activities because its challenging and it allows me to express my myself freely. I love improvisation. That is why I fell in love with Jazz and thats why I am so in love with (social) dancing. I’ve thought a lot about what connection means and why my dance philosophy is. I will share that soon.

How to improvise in Dance and Jazz

  • check my blog post on Jazz improvisation to learn more!

  • I will be updating this for dance improve soon but most of the same lessons from Jazz improvisation apply, just the details are different.

Videos of me dancing

UIUC Bachata Sensual and Zouk

I am the founder and president of UIUC Bachata Sensual & Zouk, student group interested in promoting the latin dances Bachata & Brazilean Zouk.

  • Click here for the university website.

  • Our mission is also to promote and spread dancing as far as possible. With that in mind we try to record all our videos of the moves we teach with counts and explanations. We post them in our youtube page.