Dance through Bachata Sensual

The best way to capture my feelings for dancing is through the statement I wrote when I was a bachata sensual dance instructor at the beautiful dance studio – Urbana Dance Company – close the lovely cornfields of Central Illinois:

BRANDO MIRANDA // Instructor @ UDC

It is my mission to inspire anyone around me to become a social dancer and have connected, deep, meaningful dances while at the same time understanding the mechanics of solid technique. It is my experience that the most fulfilling way to social dance is a combination of deep connection and awareness of good technique with space for the creative expression of music. It is my experience that one can co-create a dance experience with any lead and follow. For this reason, Bachata Sensual and Brazilian Zouk are my favorite dances. Bachata Sensual (made by Korke and Judith) is a dance tested and based on solid follow and lead principles of natural motions of energy and how to use this energy with your partner.

I’ve been dancing for the past 5 years every week at least 10 hours a week, training, learning from other instructors and testing everything I’ve learned on the social dance floor. I’ve also trained under the World Master program designed by Korke and Judith and certified to teach the official original Bachata Sensual. I’ve also attended multiple dance congresses learning from instructors around the world in Brazilian Zouk and (all) Bachata styles. I also founded the registered student organization (RSO) UIUC Bachata Sensual with the goal to spread the love of bachata and social dancing.

I trained under the beautiful world master course lead by creator’s of the style – Korke & Judith.

Spreading the Bachata Sensual Love

I’ve started two university bachata sensual groups as part of my efforts to spread bachata sensual. If you are interested in teaming up feel free to email me at brando9 AT stanford dot edu.

Stanford Bachata Sensual & Brazilian Zouk @ Stanford

I am currently leading the student organization called Staford Bachata Sensual & Brazilian Zouk (SBSBZ) at Stanford University. Our mission is to spread the beautiful technique of the original bachata sensual for connection based social dancing. What I love most about this style is that it was created with the goal of following the natural energy created during dancing – and therefore being so natural that the one can’t help but follow the beautiful flow created during the dance.

In line with our mission to spreading the lovely technique of bachata sensual , we recorded summary videos of our lessons with counts and explanations and made them available on the wold wide web via my personal YouTube channel.

Bachata Sensual and Zouk @ University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC)

I was the founder and president of the registered student organization at UIUC called Bachata Sensual & Zouk – that focused on technique for connection based social dancing. Our mission was also to promote and spread great social dancing as far as possible. Therefore, we recorded summary videos of our lessons with counts and explanations and made them available on the wold wide web via our video page on our facebook page.

Videos of me dancing

How to improvise in Jazz music

I the past I wrote a detailed blog on Jazz improvisation. I firmly believe my minor in Jazz, and it’s related training really helped me develop into the dancer I am today. Therefore, I am sharing this in my dance page since it gives context to my approach to dance. In addition, I believe it can help readers become better at improvising during social dancing.